Sailing Ladies in Finland

Naispurjehtijat – Sailing Ladies ry is a Finnish women’s sailing association. Its purpose is to increase women’s sailing activities and improve women’s sailing skills. The nationwide organisation has members in the areas of Eastern Gulf of Finland, Western Gulf of Finland, Finnish Archipelago Sea, Bay of Bothnia and the Lakeland and it is the fastest growing sailing club in Finland with 200 registered members and about 50 newcomers each year.

Activities are being organised both in regional and national working groups.

We arrange training, excursions and sailing trips for members in Finland and in the Mediterranean (e.g. in 2013 six boats and 37 women in the Ionian Sea). In addition to the regional groups we have national working groups for the following areas: environment, members’ sailing trips, training and events, communications and PR, international affairs and finances.

In early 2014 we published our first book on female sailing with 192 pages and rich illustrations (in Finnish).

Our members participate in sailing trips, different races and sailing events, but we have never organised races ourselves.

We do not have a quay, harbour or island of our own, which enables flexible activities nationwide. All women over 18 interested in sailing are welcome to join the association.

We are planning to have a casual international get-together of women sailors in the Mediterranean during one of our sailing trips in near future. If you are a member of a women’s sailing club and interested in co-operation and exchange of experiences, please contact our Commodore Ms. Paula Rissanen ( You can write us in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Polish, Dutch, Spanish or Italian.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    Our 8th International Women’s Sailing Week brings together sailors and UNICEF. This year, we are going to ”Sail Blue” in order to ”Stop Child Abuse” and donate all income from our opening and closing activities to the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF.
    As Turkish women sailors, we are calling out to women of the world with our slogan “Women can make a difference for a better world”, inviting them to join us in friendship and solidarity

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